The idea

"SocialWayDown - you are africa!" is a project by Hendrik Kempfert. Hendrik will be on a Sabbatical beginning in Spring 2010 - a timeout from his job as a Sales Manger and everyday life in Hamburg. But this Sabbatical is supposed to be more that a simple vacation, as Hendrik puts it:
"If I am allowed to have this timeout, I want to give something back, give it a social aspect. I truly believe that the development of Africa is vital for the future of the whole world - especially for Europe. One billion people in Africa suffer from malnutrition and have little hope to improve their situation. They have to be enabled to help themselves instead of making them dependent from foreign aid and selling raw materials."

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The route

How can I participate?

You can take part by donating to the projects listed on or by buying miles to support Viva Con Agua.

Donations usage

100% of your donation will be used for supporting these projects - all expenses for the trip will be covered by Hendrik.

The Social Aspect - and Viva Con Agua

To make his Sabbatical a "socialwaydown" Hendrik will be working with a plattform for charity projects to raise funds. He will visited projects in Africa which are listed on

His trip from Hamburg to Cape Town is about 21.000 km, Hendrik will be "selling" theses on behalf of
Viva Con Agua. You can buy those by donating 1 Euro for km to Viva Con Agua.


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